Jadely is a joint venture between singer-writer & director Emiko Hsuen and musician-composer & producer Hubert Razack.

"Jadely is committed to the creation of works that 'celebrate' life and the human spirit using the media of the performing arts, in collaboration with other artistic parties."

O Holy Night

Featuring Emiko Hsuen and Hubert Razack A Christmas gift from Jadely!

I Sing For Thee

Featuring Gisele Kulak


Featuring Gisele Kulak and Benjamin Stein

Till The End Of Time

Featuring Emiko Hsuen and Hubert Razack

The Hanged Man

Featuring Benjamin Stein

Secret Truths

Featuring Francesca Blandizzi, Emiko Hsuen, Hubert Razack, and the TNE2008 production team